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Monitor IQ

Monitor IQ

AI-Empowered Compliance Logging and Monitoring. Best-in-class solution for compliance and monitoring of video, audio, and metadata.
MonitorIQ is the industry’s most reliable, secure, and easy-to-use broadcast monitoring and compliance logging platform. It allows media operators to record, store, monitor, analyze, and repurpose content quickly and efficiently – all with a minimum of clicks. One click access to all recorded media and metadata. With MIQ, users no longer waste valuable time navigating through multiple pages to locate information.

Metadata IQ

MetadataIQ – Accelerating the Speed of Content Creation and Metadata Generation.
MetadataIQ is specially designed for content producers using the Avid media platform. It provides them with a secure and scalable solution to efficient production, pre-production, and live content creation process. MetadataIQ automates the entire process of metadata generation, which includes transferring video assets for Avid. The 100% automated generation and ingestion of relevant metadata as locators into Avid helps editors identify relevant content accurately, saving time and effort.



Captioning and Translation Services with the Power of AI. Trance is an enterprise-level, cloud-based web application integrated with cutting-edge STT technology and cloud-based architecture, leading to significant efficiency in producing accurate caption creation, transcription, and translation. Leveraging two decades of experience in the media industry, Digital Nirvana’s Trance helps every creator churn out quality content in the least turnaround time and showcase it worldwide.


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